We all create the fabric of Rotary together.
We all create the fabric of Rotary together.
I was thinking about this as I prepared to send out the Duty Roster for this week. We each bring our special colors to Rotary, and all of these woven together as warp and weft give our club its distinct look and feel.
There is a lot to do in Rotary – the weekly meeting duties, board meetings, service projects, committees, membership growth, finding our weekly programs, blood drives, our foundation – the list goes on. We each need to find where we fit best; what thread we will bring to the pattern of our club. Some of us are very comfortable in front of a group; others are not. Some don’t have a lot of time to donate, but give generously to our foundation or are Paul Harris Fellows or both. Some have more time and are always at a service project. Some of you find great speakers and invite them to our club.
We need all of you. Every single one of you create the pattern that is uniquely Rotary Club Fort Worth South. Every contribution is important and we should never discount anyone’s contribution. We are warp and weft.
Tell me how you want to weave yourself into the fabric of Rotary.
If you’ve been asked to participate in a type of service that doesn’t suit you, don’t just say no. Tell us what you would like to do instead. If you have an idea for service or how we can make our club (YOUR club) run more smoothly, speak up. Your input makes Rotary better as a whole and us better as a club.
The most beautiful textiles are tightly intertwined, well placed threads. A strong fabric is tightly woven with every thread exactly where it needs to be.
Where do you need to be in Rotary?
Please feel free to email me, my email is in your Ro-Clarion.