Fort Worth South Rotary, chartered in 1955, is a grass-roots organization consisting of business professionals and community leaders that volunteer time, talent and resources in order to remedy vital community and international needs. There are over 1.2 million members in all Rotary International clubs worldwide.  MEETINGS: River Crest Country Club, Fort Worth, Texas, Tuesday from 11:45 to 1 p.m.

Fort Worth South Rotary Club's Service

We identify community needs, and spend a significant amount of our resources here, in Ft. Worth.   However, by leveraging our resources, our club is able to support solutions locally, and overseas.  Naturally, this is why the Club relies heavily on its members and community support to achieve its goals.  New members bring new energy, resources, and generally help the Club to achieve much more.  Whether a member is participating in a Club project, creates a project that the Club/Board agrees to support, or the Club (as a whole) supports The Rotary Foundation efforts, there are many ways that we can Serve the Community.

Fort Worth South Rotary’s principal Local effort is enhancing Education and Literacy

  • We raise funds for “adopted south FW schools” through our annual wine tasting event, our own FW Foundation and our American Flag Display Project.
  • Award TCC scholarships annually to Pascal High School seniors.
  • Recognize a TCU nursing student in need and help with their schooling costs.
  • Grant annually, two Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) to Pascal High School Juniors, and send them to the RYLA Leadership Conference.
  • Donate teaching materials to R.J. Wilson elementary school.
  • Donate dictionaries annually to all 3rd grade R.J. Wilson Elementary school students.
  • Donate dictionaries annually to all students at Rosemont Middle school.
  • Provide awards to A&B Honor Roll students at R.J. Wilson Elem. to encourage good grades and give bicycles to a student in each grade at end of the year that made all A’s and B’s.
  • Furnished IPad lab to R.J.Wilson Elementary 

Other Activities

  • Participate in blood drives.
  • Man the Angel Tree booth at Hulen Mall in conjunction with the Salvation Army.
  • Give to local charities.
  • Through local fundraising, we support Rotary International’s “Polio Plus” program to eradicate polio worldwide.

What about our international efforts? 

  • We provide clean water filters to Moskete natives in La Moskitia Honduras.
  • Rotary and its health partners have contributed over $800 million to eradicate polio.
  • Provided blood banking equipment to third world countries in need.
  • Provided cows and barns to a village in India.
  • Drilled water wells in third-world countries like Honduras.
  • Provided disaster relief throughout the world including Haiti and other locations.
  • Supplied wheelchairs to the disabled in Mexico working through and with local Mexican Rotary Clubs.
  • Supplied fishing boats to Typhoon and Earthquake displaced Philippine Fishermen.

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