ICYMI: Bob Deeds, 9-11 Dog Handler

For everyone who wasn’t at this gathering: you missed meeting a hero of 9-11.

I met Bob a few years ago when his wife, Karen started training my dog, Scout. There on the training wall was a photo of a mustachioed man in a black uniform, with a black Labrador.

That was my introduction to Bob Deeds and how I discovered that he was a 9-11 dog handler for Kinsey.

Bob’s program is normally 4 hours long, and he shortened it to a bit over 30 minutes for us. Ground Zero: A Dog Handler’s Perspective was awe inspiring, and a fascinating look into the world of these specialized first responders. Nine-Eleven was Bob’s first deployment with FEMA and Texas Task Force -1. We saw where he and the other dog handlers established their command base and viewed images of the utter devastation over seven blocks caused when the Twin Towers fell.

We have all seen the photos of the amazing dogs who helped sift through the rubble to try to find any survivors. Bob’s first-hand account of Ground Zero and the work these incredible dogs did was inspiring and heartbreaking.
We all know where we were and what we were doing when we heard that our nation was under attack. Now we know the story of the aftermath.