This week we’re going to play a game: Rotary Geek! I’ll ask you for the answers to these questions during the announcements on Tuesday. Game on!
What was the first Rotarian service project? Tell me why Rotarians thought this would be a good idea on Tuesday. You may read about it here and here.
Name the first four Rotarians.  Bonus if you can name the date of the first Rotary meeting. Double bonus if you can name the first meeting room.
We’ve all been asked to donate $26.50 to the RI Foundation this year. Why is this amount significant?
Name the year when women joined Rotary.
Which was the first Fort Worth club to have a woman president? 
In what year was our club chartered? 
How many Rotary Fellowships are there? 
We all know the Four Way Test. What are the Five Avenues of Service
How often is our club website updated?
Where can you find an up-to-date listing of our upcoming speakers? 
How can you get in touch with club leadership?