You just never know when a Rotary program will come in handy!

We have great programs at RCFWS! My family and I have all benefitted from the valuable information shared in the programs. This weekend, a program from about three years ago was incredibly useful.

Sunday morning, I saw our dog Scout intently focused on something near the fence line. I went to investigate, and lying on the ground was a small red bat! She had a badly damaged wing and appeared to have fallen. Because Scott Sullivan brought the good folks from Bat World Sanctuary to speak, I knew that I need not fear that the bat might have rabies and that I shouldn’t try to pick up the creature without special gloves. I also learned that there are special rehabilitators who will come out and collect an injured bat and take it to Bat World to be treated and hopefully released back into the wild. Bats that do not recover well enough to be released may stay at Bat World and live peacefully.

I called a local rehabilitator, and shortly Jeremy Green came out with his special Kevlar gloves to get this little lady.

She was transported to their Vet, where he assured me she would receive excellent medical care. Jeremy told me he would keep me updated on her diagnosis and prognosis. He said, “Just text me, and ask for Bat Jo.”

Ya’ll always knew I was bats, and now you’ve got proof.  ;)

Thank you, Scott Sullivan for this excellent program!
John Pardue is head of our programs and schedules our speakers. If you have a program and speaker in mind, please contact him!