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In keeping with re-introducing some of our older members so that the new members can know more about them, it is my pleasure to introduce Dwayne Jose.

Dwayne was born in Newton, Kansas. His mother was a farm girl and his father was a farm boy. He attended high school in Des Moines, Iowa.

In World War II, he was a bomber pilot on a B-26 and was active in Sardinia, Corsica, and Dijon, France. He flew 50 missions over Italy, Austria, Southern France and Southern Germany. He received the Air Medal with 7 stars as well at the French Croit de durve. After the war, he came home and finished college getting a degree in industrial economics from Iowa State University.

He started off in the insurance business but was called back for three years as a fighter pilot in the Korean War. He was a pilot in F-80's and F51's.

After he came home, he entered the insurance business for a short time and decided it was not for him.

He then went to work for Cessna in Wichita, Kansas and he says he was the youngest, least experiences and the lowest paid person ever hired.

He was later promoted to regional manager of Cessna Aircraft with territory from Ft. Smith, Arkansas, to Havana, Cuba. He then became Eastern Divisional Manager for Cessna Aircraft.

Later he went to Bell Helicopter in charge of worldwide commercial and all foreign military and in his first years, he had $8 million in sales. He was involved with the development of the commercial version of the Huey Helicopter.

In 1965, he started the development of the Bell Jet Ranger and he has been known as the "Father of the Bell Jet Ranger" and over 10,000 have been built. He did business with 120 countries and he visited 90 of them. He was a senior vice president in charge of all marketing at Bell. He accompanied Bell lobbyist to Washington to promote their products.

He retired in 1989, 18 years ago and has loved every minute. He has 5 children, 2 step children, 16 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren.

He loves Rotary and was sponsored by Frankie Andrew.

May I present to you a man who was an exceptionally good businessman and one who has served his country with honor and is a real hero. Adolf Hitler planned a 1,000-year reight (or reign) but thanks to men like Dwayne, it lasted only 12 years from 1933 til 1945.