Our club members believe in teachers and students, safe/clean water, books, flags and blood, among other worthy projects, locally and internationally.

Fort Worth South Rotary’s main local effort is enhancing Education and Literacy

  • We raise funds for “adopted south FW schools” through our annual wine tasting event, our own FW Foundation and our American Flag Display Project.
  • Award TCC scholarships annually to Pascal High School seniors.
  • Recognize a TCU nursing student in need and help with their schooling costs.
  • Grant annually, two Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) to Pascal High School Juniors, and send them to the RYLA Leadership Conference.
  • Donate teaching materials to R.J. Wilson elementary school.
  • Donate dictionaries annually to all 3rd grade R.J. Wilson Elementary school students.
  • Donate dictionaries annually to all students at Rosemont Middle school.
  • Provide awards to A&B Honor Roll students at R.J. Wilson Elem. to encourage good grades and give bicycles to a student in each grade at end of the year that made all A’s and B’s.
  • Furnished IPad lab to R.J.Wilson Elementary 

Other Activities

  • In 2006, our Flag Project presented its first check to our local foundation, the Fort Worth Foundation. More than 350 flags are distributed on designated flag days.
  • Participate in blood drives. A blood drive challenge that started with our club has hit the big time. The challenge has collected 50,000 units of blood.
  • Man the Angel Tree booth at Hulen Mall in conjunction with the Salvation Army.
  • Give to local charities.
  • Through local fundraising, we support Rotary International’s “Polio Plus” program to eradicate polio worldwide.

What about our international efforts? 

  • We provide clean water filters to Moskete natives in La Moskitia Honduras.
  • Our club helped collect books to send to Africa. We are proud to announce that about 1.3 million books were sent with clubs from three districts participating.
  • Rotary and its health partners have contributed over $800 million to eradicate polio.
  • Provided blood banking equipment to third world countries in need.
  • Provided cows and barns to a village in India.
  • Drilled water wells in third-world countries like Honduras.
  • Provided disaster relief throughout the world including Haiti and other locations.
  • Supplied wheelchairs to the disabled in Mexico working through and with local Mexican Rotary Clubs.
  • Supplied fishing boats to Typhoon and Earthquake displaced Philippine Fishermen.